Horse Leasing

We have well trained horses available to be leased out for 4H, personal use, hunting/packing, dude ranches or if you are trying to decide if you would like to take the next step in purchasing a horse.

Please email [email protected] to get an estimate for your horse lease.

For Outfitters or Dude Ranches with season leases:

A nonrefundable deposit of 20% of the total lease amount is needed to reserve horses. This deposit will be applied towards your lease amount.

Below are two options to payment options:

1) 1/3 due with delivery, 1/3 due July 1st, 1/3 due August 1st. 
2) 1/4 due with delivery, 1/4 due July 1st, 1/4 due August 1st, 1/4 due August 15th.
All leases to be paid in full prior to lease termination date.

For private hunting leases:

A nonrefundable deposit of 50% of the total amount of lease is needed to reserve horses.

Lease must be paid in full at start date of hunting lease.

Please email [email protected] to get an estimate for your horse lease.


Horse Training

We practice the Natural Horsemanship methods and develop a trusting positive relationship with your horse and work with them, not force or push them. We believe every horse learns differently and in different paces. We can start a horse or work with an older horse with old habits. We can do a month although two months or more will show better results. The horse will be well taken care of, have daily interaction and 4-5 days riding a week. Price includes hay. Grain or supplements need to be provided by the owner. The owner is also encouraged to come visit their horse during training and do lessons to ensure you understand the cues we are training your horse.

Jesslyn has worked alongside of a cutting trainer and has basic knowledge of cutting training. We are able to train a horse into a well balanced trail and ranch horse and can teach pivots, side passing, getting over fears and problems, open and close gates, switching leads and gaining trust to name a few. We understand each horse learns at different paces and in different ways. To us it is important to be patient and go their pace and always end on a good note. Jesslyn has been riding since she was a young child and has been training for 10 years. She competes with her own horses in barrel racing and team roping.

We charge $400 for 30 days and are located in Fairplay,Co. If we provide training you are interested in, please give us a call and tell us more about your horse and what you would like them to be able to do after training.

Colt starting is $500 for 30 days.


 Western Lessons

We offer western lessons for anyone who would like to start riding or get back into it. We teach you the care and feeding of a horse, how to tack up and the different kinds of equipment, how to ride in all gaits, and can work with you on Barrels, gymkhana events, 4-H showing, some roping and cow work. We work with you on the level and pace that you are. No pushing here! We just enjoy teaching people what we know and sharing our love of horses with you!  We can do lessons off your horse or ours.



Horse Sales

 Occasionally  we have horses for sale. Check with us if you are interested in what we may have available.